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Who’s In Your Backyard

Clinton K. Powell is extremely proud and excited to share his brand new book, “Who's in your Backyard? How to Identify and Build Multigenerational Teams from within.”

This project is a labor of love and is a must-read as there are generations in the local church today that are crying be heard. They want to be used, poured into, and to serve, but will you recognize their voice?

"There are two reasons for one read “Who’s in your backyard”, pursuit of knowledge and growth. Knowledge is key for success of the 21st Century church and not having this information will cause frustration and failure in the ministry. Knowing is growing and if you want your church to grow you need to know this information."

Bishop Dr. Own L. Walker, Senior Pastor of County Line Worship Center


Pew Benches

David Betzer

Lead Pastor of Evangel Church International

Clinton K. Powell is one of the Kingdom's finest and brightest rising voices. "Who's in your Backyard" will inspire your heart and inform your thinking. This is the resource for your leadership team if you want to go to the next level. This is the resource for you if you need to build your first team. If you want insightful, inspirational, and motivational, this is your book

Church Aisles

Kimberly Marshall

M. Div, Associate Pastor of Mount Tabor

Missionary Baptist Church

All Christian leaders should read this text! “Who’s in your Backyard” is a phenomenal resource for navigating what discipleship and mentorship can look like. Clinton made Ephesians 4:12- 13 come alive with real life examples and practical truths. It's a must have for anyone who wants to bring their ministry and their leadership style to another level. Refreshing and encouraging, Clinton K. Powell instills hope that as we pour into others, a flame will ignite that crosses generational boundaries and will cultivate a thriving church.

Business Conference

Mitchell, MSEd

Founder | CEO of FYG Management, LLC.

WHO'S IN YOUR BACKYARD masterfully unpacks the multiple ways to engage multigenerational volunteers within a culture that thrives. This book is unique in the fact that it stretches beyond the church and is a must read for anyone looking to lead their teams into the next phase of organizational change and growth.

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